Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vote Now!!

Tying in with my last post about the Dockers contest, I am now going to share with you my favorite video in the Dockers contest. I picked it out of many because it seems to be the funniest, most creative and most original video in my opinion. Some of the other videos that have been submitted lack all of the previously mentioned aspects. Ok, they aren't all that bad, but I do think that the entries could have been a lot more interesting.

When I heard that I could watch some of the Dockers Contest videos, I expected to see some rip-roarin' funny stuff, and this was the only one that came close to it. It describes in detail, all the ways Dockers can be used and places they can be worn. Dockers Video

If it doesn't come up, click on the red arrow and scroll down to the one that says "Do It In Dockers", I think it is the 6th video.

I would love to see more entries, so why don't you submit a video? It is fun, and you get to win a chance to see your add on Jay Leno!!! Wouldn't that be fun? But you better hurry, because the contest ends on May 29th, so you only have a couple more days to enter your video submission. The clock is ticking! Use your creativity people!

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