Sunday, May 18, 2008

Do You Like Horror Films?

Me? Not so much. I have seen The Exorcist, and to date, that has been the scariest movie I have seen. I wasn't able to sleep properly for weeks! And I had to have my hubby come with me every time I went somewhere at night, or in the dark in our apartment.

There is buzz about a new movie called Frontier(s) that has movie critics everywhere talking! Apparently, it is a new Horror movie in the "gore" genre, and was classified Unrated. There is quite a bit of controversy over that, simply because it is unrated and extremely, extremely gruesome. Most movies of it's kind don't even make it to the theater, because of the violence and gore. But Frontier(s) did! It was shown in select theaters on May 9th, in only 10 cities across America, and went straight to DVD on May 13th. Seeing as it is now May 18th, you can purchase it uncut and unrated on DVD.

I am not into this type of movie, so I won't be seeing it. But I did watch the trailer, and found it to be a very suspenseful film. So if you are into the whole horror, guts and gore movie scene, this one is for you. To see clips, the unrated Trailer, and get general information about the movie, head to Frontier(s) Unrated to get your gore fest going on!

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