Monday, May 26, 2008

Moms For Modesty

I was just clicking around blogs today, and found this MomsForModesty. I signed the petition, but I guess it isn't for everyone if you don't agree with their mission statement.

Frankly, I am tired of seeing "hoochie-mama" type clothes for little girls. I think they should stay little as long as possible. While I was searching for some good summer clothes, I looked at Old Navy, which i normally LOVE, and was not impressed. My two older girls have to wear the big girl stuff and it all looked like stuff that was good for 17 year olds!!! They are 5 and 7, they don't need to be wearing that. So that is why I shop primarily at Gymboree and The Children's Place. Their clothes are cute, cheap and modest, in my opinion. And I don't shop at wal mart normally because, frankly, I think some of their stuff is absolute crap. You can find a gem here and there, but most often not. Boys clothes are better to get there than little girls. And I don't want to see everything plastered with Hannah Montanna.

I'm off my soap box now.


Mama Bear said...

Ok so I checked my PO box today and I have a sur-priiiise for youuuuuu...

You want a 20% off Gymboree coupon??


KrustyTheCat said...

Yes Please!!! lol I would love it!!! do you still have my snail mail addy? i'll send it to you via facebook if you don't

Mama Bear said...

Better send it. LOL