Monday, May 19, 2008

Society Without State

I found a very enlightening website today, Stateless Society. I am not very familiar with what they are talking about, which I will explain shortly, but the website was very informative and very helpful in explaining exactly what they believe and are striving for.

Society without State strives for a better world! A world where everyone gets along, where there is no Government. No borders, no countries, and no warheads (no sour candy? lol). There will be respect for life, and it will be full of personal responsibility. There will be peace.

According to their website, a world without violence is possible, but everyone has to work together to achieve that. They say that everyone, regardless of race, sex, and language, can live together in harmony and have one language; that of the heart. I do think it sounds quite intriguing, though probably a tad ambitious. I would love to see a world like this, where we can all get along and live and love and just "be".

There are four statements that define their beliefs:

1) Truth. To them, truth is the Law of Nature. It can not be affected, changed, or manipulated by man. It super cedes all. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Truth is God.”

2) Liberty. Everyone has the right to their own body. Man has the right to find his own happiness in any way he needs, provided it does not damage his or anyone else's life or liberty.

3) Non-Violence. They don't mean actual "non violence", but it is the absence of coercion by “constituted authority.” It means not having to be afraid of force, and is required for all relationships between mankind.

4) Peace. “Peace connotes absence of fear. There would be peace only when no part of the world is afraid of or exploited by any other part.” ~ Vinoba Bhave. According to them, Peace comes by being mentally pure. There is calmness, humility, and tranquility in peace.

So I hope that explains Society Without State a little better. Their website has a wealth of information about alternative government, no government and alternative currency ideas. Head on over there and see for yourself!

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