Sunday, May 04, 2008


Just wanted to let everyone know I am still selling Avon!! I just placed my first order and had a few customers....but come out of the woodwork people!! I need more!!!
I wrote about Avon a couple weeks ago in this post.

Online ordering with Avon is so easy! You can visit my personal store, 24/7 and order at your convenience. I use mostly Avon products, and I have never been happier. They have a new mascara that just came out called "Super Shock". It is fantastic!!! I love it. I have been "Clinique only" in the past, and though I do use some clinique products still, I am fully converting to Avon for this mascara. I love it that much. It makes my lashes full, and long and just gorgeous!
Avon has also started selling mineral makeup. Although I haven't yet tried it, I did order it for myself and it will be arriving in a day or two. I will update then!

Our SkinSoSoft products are now 50% off, so you can stock up for the summer and get more bang for your buck. And if you order $15 worth of mineral makeup, you receive a FREE makeup bag to store all your new products in.

If anyone is interested, let me know and I can send you an email for FREE SHIPPING!!! with any $20 order!!

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