Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Awesome Deal I Got Today

only have a minute to write as I am off to the gym. I'm forcing myself to go today! ugh!!

Anyway, awhile back I found a 15% off code for The Children's Place, on a message board I frequent. It was for online only, but I didnt think I would use it. Well, when we were in the actual store last weekend buying clothes, the SA gave me a coupon for free shipping b/c I couldn't find my middle kid jeans. So a lightbulb went off in my head today! lol

I did find her jeans at Value Village for the summer, brand new. But today I looked at TCP's website and found the baby 3 pairs of jeans for the fall for REALLY cheap. They were on sale already, so I got 3 pairs of jeans for $15.45. Free shipping, and a 15% off coupon let me save around 6 or 7 dollars. I only paid for the jeans and tax, and the jeans were $4.75 each. Score!!!

The grey jeans I actually have for her in her current size, as well as the dark wash ones with the flare. I didnt like the grey jeans at first, but in person they are really really cute!

And yes, I did look for the other kids too, but there was nothing on sale that was as good of a deal as this! How can you beat $4.75 for jeans?

I LOVE the children's place, they have such cute clothes and great deals!
Now off to work out...blech!

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