Thursday, May 08, 2008

Scratch Meals

I found this awesome site today!!! Scratch meals makes healthy, tasty, from Scratch meals and delivers them to you at your home or office! I would love to have a service like that. I've signed the older kids up for Karate, which starts in a couple weeks, and having these meals would be awesome to heat up for dinner when we get home.

But, I don't live in S.C., and Scratch Meals has prepared meals Greenville sc. I have to say though, if I lived in any of the areas they service, I would definitely sign up. I am admittedly a lazy cook, I don't care for it.

Some of their menu options are Sun-dried Tomato Crusted Chicken, Sliced Pot Roast with Mushroom Gravy, Scratch Chicken Salad, and Chocolate Cream Pie.
Their meals start at $9.50 per serving and include fresh cornbread. Soups, Sides, Salads, and Desserts are $5.95 and are packaged to serve up to four people.

Still have some questions?

I haven't had time to plan. Can I just come by your location and pick something up?

Absolutely. While our entire menu isn't always available, we're cooking every day so we always have something fresh and ready to go. Stop by our Augusta Rd. location anytime between 10:30 a.m. and 7 p.m., Monday-Friday and see what's cooking. Not going to be able to come by until the end of the day? Call ahead and we'll pull something aside and hold it for you.

Are Scratch meals healthy?

Scratch doesn't take shortcuts. No preservatives or flavor enhancers. Just the freshest ingredients prepared to order. We make our own stocks, use very little butter and no wheat glutens. We take our time and let the natural flavors of the ingredients come through.

How often does your menu change?

We have a few items on our menu that are popular and sell year around. However, every six weeks or so, we'll add new items to take advantage of the seasonality of different fruits & vegetables. It is our goal to keep the menu fresh, and we'll do that by taking advantage of the freshest ingredients available throughout the year.

So if you live in the Augusta, SC area, give these guys a call! I really can't say how much I would love to use a service like this. How about you guys come out to the Northwest?

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