Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day gifts

The kids were so eager last night to give me all my presents, lol, so we opened them early! Here are some pictures of my flowers from hubby, and then our son bought me a rose. I also got a cookbook from our middle daughter, some pretty magnets,and some nice shower get and soap from all the kids. They picked that out with their aunt. The cookbook was my favorite actually. The kindergarten kids had to remember mom's favorite recipes, and write it down for us! This was my daughters...if you can't guess, we had baked potato soup for dinner the night before she did this.

We all had a good laugh after reading the "cookbook".


Mama Bear said...

Wow that's a lot of taters. ;) That's awesome and I'll bet it was your fave gift. :)

RE no follow:

Ok so any blog platform (like blogger or wordpress or typepad etc) automatically puts into the actual code (the HTML commands that create what your blog looks like) of the blog, a piece of code that, when someone comes to your site and makes a comment, their visit doesn't 'count' as a link for them. And you know how important it is for page ranking to have as many links out there for your site, right.

So by deleting this piece of code (no-follow), you make it so that when people come to your site and comment, they'll get that comment counted as a link to their site. Makes readers more inclined to comment becuz it benefits them.

Make sense?

Karen said...

Beautiful flowers! Love the recipe--I did something like that years ago with my Sunday school class. A lot of fun! Happy Mother's Day!