Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Gymboree Time Again

Here is Karen's lastest gymboree installment

Gymboree has a new sale starting Thursday--it's the Circle of Friends sale, and this time around it runs May 8-11. With a coupon, you get 30 percent off of your entire purchase--and YES, that includes marked-down merchandise! But you have to have a coupon. (Sometimes, you might get a nice sales associate who will give you the 30 percent off anyway (maybe if you are a loyal customer, etc.), but for the most part, a coupon is required to get the discount.) By the way, the COF discount cannot be combined with any other coupon.

Many COF coupons already have been distributed in stores, and I just got another one e-mailed to me today. If you need one, try this link for a printable version--or I can forward the e-mail to you. (This is an e-mail that can be forwarded to share the savings, and I'm happy to do so.)

The Circle of Friends sale runs a few times a year. I can't remember specifically how many times or when it occurs, but it's at least twice (maybe more). A lot of people will go in on Wednesday before the sale starts (that's tomorrow, folks) and put their items on hold. That way, they have a better selection and can just go in on Thursday to purchase their items and not have to fight the crowds while making their selections.

Many people will use this as an opportunity to buy the latest line (a new line debut usually coincides with big sale/promotional events like this), but I like to stick with already-marked-down items to get the biggest discount I can. (I am like that pretty much across the board with Gymboree--I buy things already discounted and then like to combine that with a coupon or other promotion, etc.)

One other tip: Some people try to sell the Circle of Friends coupons. Please don't pay for one! This is one Gymboree coupon that is easy to get. It is usually freely distributed in stores before the event and is printable from an e-mail sent by Gymboree. As I mentioned earlier, I am happy to forward the e-mail to anyone who needs a coupon--Gymbroee encourages this. I guess that's why it's called the "Circle of Friends" sale.

If you are an online shopper, the discount code to use is "GYMFRIEND."

Happy Shopping!

Now for myself, I am not sure if I will shop this sale. The older girls need some summer stuff, but I guess it depends if we get our stimulus check this friday or not. There is always the "Camp Gymboree" sale that starts on the 12th, and certain pieces are on sale for $8...NEW items. And if you have a coupon, you can use it during the Camp sale and get items for $6 a piece. I might hit that up instead of COF, but like I said, it depends if we get the stimulus check on friday or not.

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