Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thrifty Thursdays

My thrifty thursday isn't so thrifty according to some, but to myself, I got a fantastic deal!

I went to gymboree last sunday and got 55 pieces of clothing for $163 including tax! It wasn't all accessories, it was regular jeans, shirts, leggings, sweaters etc. There was so much clearance stuff out, so that was heavily discounted. Plus, with the MD sale, I got 20% off on top of that, PLUS I had a 20% coupon. I think I did great! All 4 kids got some goodies. And if you think about it, I spent only $40.75 per child.

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Tasha said...

AWESOME deals! If you REALLY think about it... that is $2.96 an ITEM. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. Now I'm in the mood to go shopping!