Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Clean Kitchen Makes For A Happy Mom

My dishwasher broke yesterday, and I didn't know it till today, so I was forced to wash the dishes by hand tonight.

Is it just me, or is doing the dishes without a dishwasher calming and theraputic? for me at least, it is. And once I get the dishes done, I can't stand to see a dirty counter, so all my counters are clean now too...except one, which needs to be decluttered tomorrow. And the floor needs to be swept and mopped, but that will be done tomorrow. My sinks here are so so so tiny, so it takes forever to wash them, but I am all caught up. Except for my crockpot pan, which is soaking.

Now if I could only get the rest of my house in order.

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Miss Mommy said...

For some reason I feel the same way about a clean kitchen as long as it is clean I am one happy mama!!! Hubby thinks it is the craziest thing ever!!! lol lol