Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've Had A Busy Week

And there is more to come!

Let's see...

Monday: went to the gym

Tuesday: Baby Dentist Appt, errands PM

Wednesday: Went to the gym in the AM, dropped kid off at friends, Target and Bank errands

Thursday: MOPS in the AM...this afternoon is free, thankfully!

Friday: Gym in the AM, summer clothes shopping for kids in PM

Saturday: B-day part at the YMCA, B-day Party at Chuck E Cheese's

Sunday: Possible b-day party for my friends 1 year old. Havent decided if I am going to go yet b/c we've been busy every single day this week.

Next week slows down a bit thankfully, but starting next tuesday and thursday...we have Karate from 4:30-5:30 for the three older kids, so my gym time will move to those time slots, and I'll have to decide what day is my 3d day.

If you have a busy schedule, how do you manage it?

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