Tuesday, September 26, 2006

i forgot to mention, i got my hair cut! and i've been doing my makeup more too, and i got some new shirts. I feel much better when i put myself together now, not so frumpy. Still have a lot of weight to loose, but at least i feel a bit prettier. i'm a little worried the coat won't fit long. the auction said it fit at a 12-18 month size, and it looks like it will be quite roomy on Aili, but i guess i could aways buy another one in a bigger size I guess if she outgrows it fast.
this computer is pissing me off, it took me like 10 minutes just to get logged into here. ugh.

I love gymboree clothes for Aili. Almost all of her wardrobe is gymboree. I want to get her a cute winter coat, and there is an adorable cow print one that i just have to have. I hope it fits! I saw the measurments on one other auction and the sleeves were the same length as the 12-18 shirts, so i think it should be ok since i have to roll those up on Aili. I measured her shoulder to her arm and it was about 8 inches. I hope i win the auction, its TDF!! I want it more than i wanted anything else i think especially since it is so original and you won't see it that often. I found some awesome stuff at the consignment shop too, all gymboree!

Monday, September 18, 2006

my favorite commercial

I was just thinking about my favorite commercial right now. It's that skittles one with the singing rabbit, and it just makes the kids and I crack right up when we see it. Barry says I can sing just like the rabbit too. I LOVE that commercial, i wish i could save it and watch it whenever i want. Oh yo yo yo yo, oh yo yo yo yo.


I really like the color of the background... pink just screams girly to me. Well, it should! Barry and I have three of them!!! and one boy. lol. Of course I don't have much time to be girly, but I try when I can. I think I could make more of an effort, I always feel better when I look nice and put together and my hair is done. But it is hard for me to make time for that because I am a busy mom, so I need to work on that.

I doubt anyone will read this, but it still feels nice to get my thoughts out on "paper".


just testing my first post. i'll write more tomorrow hopefully