Thursday, May 22, 2008

Life Update

Well, I've been posting a lot the last couple days! Does anyone want a bit of a life update? lol

Karate was tonight again, but I think we've decided to withdraw both the girls. When we signed up, the classes were free because we have a full family membership with the YMCA. I did not think it would be anything really structured, but I guess I was wrong. Now the "coach" is insisting that all the kids have a "karate suit". (forgive me, I don't feel like findout how to spell "sensai" and "gii" properly, unless I just did it). The coach is ordering the, and is charging $35 a piece! I have three kids!!! In no way was this told to us when we signed up, so I am a bit fed up with them sliding this in after the kids start. The girls don't really want to continue with karate anymore, so we will probably just keep the boy enrolled. The girls want to start swimming lessons, but since we are late for this session, those will have to wait till next month for the summer one. Life sure is crazy with 4 kids!

Something exciting going on for me, is that I was asked to do a table at a school bazaar. An Avon table. I was hesitant at first because it is something that is totally new to me, but I found childcare for all 4 kids, and my Avon lady (the one that I signed up under) has offered me her expertise and is lending me a ton of stuff. Plus she has extra product that I can sell and split 50/50 with her! I am hoping it goes well because I have the opportunity to make at least a few hundred dollars. This event is on June 7th, so I have a few weeks to prepare. You'll all have to wish me luck!! And if anyone is interested in ordering from me, I do have free shipping codes. Just ask me for one!

My Personal Avon website

The above shower gel, lotion and perfume are my two current favorites. Even Mama Bear loves them. If you click on the pictures, it will bring you right to the site to order them. Same goes for the bug guard below! And right now the bug guard is 2 for 1. Bug guard is DEET FREE!!! And it is also one of Avon's best selling products.

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Mama Bear said...

I do love that perfume...I will be ordering some as soon as I have a few more shekels in my Paypal account!

Awesome on doing the Avon table!! Keep us posted on how it goes - you'll get lots of contacts doing this! And hey, contacts = sales, right!

What a ignorant #$&^ that karate guy is - um, don't go ordering something you haven't cleared with the parent first! Geez.