Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Day In The Life Of My Pants

My jeans certainly don't live an exciting life. In fact, my favorite pair of jeans probably hates me right now because it was sitting in a pile of dirty laundry for over a week. But today however, they had fun! They started off the day, clean, dry and unwrinkled. I think they must have been confused, because they certainly don't experience that every day. They were put on, and secured with a new leather belt they helped me to find last week. Then we went shopping together! They stayed with me as I searched the bins in Gymboree for good deals, and complained when I threw them on the floor of a dressing room so they could be usurped by a newer, better pair. Well, lucky for them, they weren't. Jeans such as this are not easy to come by. Now we're home, and they are once again sitting in a pile of dirty laundry, awaiting the glorious day that they can accompany me on another "exciting" adventure. I feel though, that I shall have to break the news to them that they are about to be replaced, as they are becoming to big for me.

I bet if my pants were Dockers then they wouldn't have to suffer on a day to day basis.


Right now, there is a Dockers contest, where you can submit a video about your favorite pair of pants, to the Dockers TV Commercial Contest. It is a really neat contest, and you can win a chance to see your add on Jay Leno!!!

Why not head on over there to the Dockers contest and submit your video! You never know, you might win!!!

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