Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Going On Vacation This Summer?

If you are needing to rent a car while on vacation, then be sure to check out Advantage rent a car.

I found this site today, as I was looking for a minivan rental. We're probably going to Pennsylvania next summer for a family reunion, and we'll be flying, so we'll need a mini van for our brood! lol I checked a few sites and Advantage was the cheapest I found. The rate I was quoted for a 7 seater mini-van, for 5 days, was only $194.94. That is $33.92 per day! Hertz quoted me $108.99 a day! Their average rates start as low as $19.99 a day, which is probably the best price I have ever found from ANY car rental company.

I am really very happy with what I have seen and read on their site, and I am pretty sure we will rent from them when we go on our vacation next year. Advantage also has a rewards program: Every rental earns 50 points per day, and once you reach 600 points, you get a free day of rental to use however you please. The site is really easy to use, though I do wish they had more locations. Advantage is also offering Sun Country Airline customers a free day of rental, so if you fly with Sun Country, you can get 3 days of rental for the price of two.

One thing you Eco-Conscious readers might enjoy is the fact that "Advantage is committed to providing environmentally conscientious travelers with a fleet of 100% fuel efficient vehicles by the end of 2010. We plan to go green, with the assistance of our automobile providers, and offer choices consistent with our pledge to protect the environment with each and every rental." I try to be as Eco-friendly as I can, and I really appreciate that companies are making this effort!

So if you are looking for a great deal on a car rental be sure to check out Advantage Car Rental.

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