Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Organic Makeup

back from the gym! I found an article at the gym today about organic makeup. A good friend of mine, MamaBear is really starting to get into the organic side of life.

The article I found is about organic makeup, which I think is pretty neat! Have you heard of Physicians Formula? you can pretty much find it at any major retailer. Well, it turns out they have a new line of completely organic makeup!

Here is the link: Physicians Formula Organic Makeup

Pretty cool if you ask me!

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Mama Bear said...

Hey yeah I read this yesterday and am planning on checking it out the next time I hit up WallyWorld - it's probably cheaper than BareMinerals!!

And I LOVE that perfume sample you sent me - the Flower by Cynthia Rowley one! So pretty and I'm not a fan of froofy fragrance!