Monday, May 12, 2008

It's A Bird, It's a Plane...Wait, It's A Blinky!

I found a cool site today. Here is a Link to Magic Matt's Brilliant Blinkys. They sell thousands of different blinkies, in every style imaginable.

What is a blinky, you might be asking? It is a light-up pin you can wear in your hair, on your clothes, or even as an earing! Prices are cheap and start at $2.99 for one. Or you can order multiples, and get as low as $.74 cents each! They also have LED flashing sunglasses, fiber optic flashing baseball caps for your favorite teams and a variety of other products.

I think the blinkies especially might be pretty neat for halloween, and they would help me keep track of my kids as we trick or treat. Or if you're a partier, buy them to wear to a club.

Check them out!

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