Monday, October 05, 2009

I Love The Fall

I am so happy we made it through summer! While our summer wasn't terribly hot, except for a few weeks of 100F+ weather, I'm still happy it is over. School is in full swing, we're back on a schedule, the air has a bite in it and the leaves are changing colors. I love the fall, I thrive in it. It is my favorite season.

Over the weekend the kids finally persuaded me to put up our Halloween and Harvest decorations. I hadn't really been feeling the urge to do it, but I figured I may as well so I don't get bugged about it anymore. I'm happy I did, because the house looks really cute. I forgot what goodies I had tucked away!

Now that it is October, it is time to start doing some Halloween and fall themed crafts. I like doing them with our youngest daughter because she isn't in pre-school, and it gives us a fun activity to do together. I need some ideas though, what are some of your favorite fall crafts?

One idea I had was to have her collect some leaves that had changed color, put them between some wax paper and iron them. Then we can cut out the shapes together and hang them or put them on the fridge. And who can forget the classic leaf rub? just put the leaf under the paper and color over the shape of it on the paper. We could make this Fall Fingerprint Tree, or even this fun Paper Strip Pumpkin.

For Halloween, there is a plethora of craft ideas. has a whole section dedicated to Halloween Crafts. You can get a new idea for every day of the month with this 31 Days of Halloween Printables Calendar. I have found a ton of ideas on the Family Fun website, so I will definitely be using some of the craft suggestions.

Anyone have any good ideas they can share? I'm open to suggestions!

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