Friday, October 23, 2009

I am Blessed

The last few weeks the kids and I, and Barry, were very blessed by our community, our friends and our family.

While Barry was in the hospital, I had some meals brought to us, and families at the kids' school provided us with many, many, gift cards for various restaurants and grocery stores around the area. I have only used one of the gift cards, and am saving them for when we need them.

After Barry passed, my friends set up meals for us. This was just incredible. My MOPS group, the Kid's school (via a friend of mine), and my Meet Up group each took a week. I don't have to cook until November 1st. And actually, much later than that because we have so many left overs in the freezer. At Barry's service, I came home with TONS of lasagna, 3 are in my freezer, plus an additional few meals that we had leftovers from. Ladies from my MOPS Group fed us at the reception too.

Also, my oldest friend Rina, over at GottaLittleSpace set up a Pay Pal donation fund for us, family members, friend from school, and many other friends have donated to us as well.

I have made new friends during this time, and lost some. You really do see people's true colors during times like this. I have to say though, I am so very incredibly grateful for EVERYONE that has donated food, time and money to the kids and I. You really don't know what it has meant to us. I don't think that I could ever find the words to express our thankfulness, because there just aren't enough words to express what I am trying to say. I truly wish that this didn't have to happen, I would give it all back just to have Barry back, but unfortunately that is not an option. I am still thankful though.

Thank You a million times over!


Michelle said...

That's so wonderful Joanna how people have come together to help you and the children.I guess you do see other people's true colours which is a shame isn't it?

Aimee said...

I'm grateful for the blessings you and your family have been receiving.

Rina the Mama Bear said...

Beautifully written.

Crystal said...

You made me feel better, Joanna. In fact, your experience has been very, very grounding for me over the past weeks. Good things are coming for you. Wonderful things, even.

Bless you. I hope that if you do have needs, you let the many, many around you- and following your blog- know. People WANT to help. Sometimes it is very hard to know what is needed and wanted.