Friday, October 16, 2009

Family Does a Body Good

Seriously though, it has been so healing to have the family here this week. Especially yesterday and today. I am really going to miss them all when they leave. Three leave tomorrow to go back to Minnesota, and the last 5 leave early early Tuesday. My mom, sister, and brother leave tomorrow as well. I'm just really going to miss them all.

I've found we've bonded a lot. They've helped me and the kids feel better about things. And it is so incredibly good to laugh, and cry and just be. To talk about our feelings, to have fun together, to be sad together. My brother in law and sister in law took the kids and I to McDonald's for lunch, and then to Toys R Us and bought the kids each a nice toy. That was just awesome of them to do that. Especially when we're all feeling sad, it is nice for the kids to get something to brighten their days. My brother in law also did a bunch of stuff around the house for me that my husband was never able to do, obviously. Only one thing left to do and that is fill in the holes the dog left. I'm thinking I might put my father in law and other brother in law to work doing that this weekend.

Tonight we went out for dinner as a family to my husband's favorite restaurant, a Chinese buffet. Seriously, he LOVED this restaurant. He had actually said he wanted to go there while he was home. So it was nice to take all 16 of us out and eat there in honor of him. I know he wants us to have fun and be happy, and we did that. It's just been a big party it seems.

I seriously love having all my extended family around. I am really really going to miss them when they're gone.

On a different note, we keep seeing orbs in pictures around me. They're all concentrated in front of me. We took a ton of photos today, and we could see them in every picture. And a lot of us have said we can feel his presence in the house. I always wanted to believe before, but I really do now. I want to do a bit of research about it all, because I find it so fascinating. Isn't that strange?

I'm so exhausted right now, still going on little sleep and not eating a ton yet. I have a feeling that the sadness and reality is going to hit me really really soon once everyone leaves on Tuesday. The truck will be gone on Monday night...I'm ready for that. I just need it gone because it makes us too sad to have it here. My husband's friend from work is coming to pick it up Monday night. I'm still feeling peaceful right now, but I do attribute that a lot to having a big family around. Please continue to read my blog though, like I said yesterday, I'm having good days right now. I'm on auto-pilot and doing what I have to do, but it will get worse and I will write some heart wrenching posts. I know people love that kind of thing, so please keep coming. And I'll keep writing.


Liss said...

As IF you could get rid of me!!! :P

You family does sound wonderful, thank the heavens for that! Would love to see some of your 'orb' pics, I don't think it's strange at all, I think it's fascinating!

Take care, you are not far from my thoughts xxx

Thia said...

These moments with family are so important. My grandfather died 9/07 and I cling to this memory...a bunch of us sat around the table trying to distract ourselves with a domino game and my grandmother's sister called from across the country. She was teasing my grandmother about moving out there to live with her now. Before we knew it...we were all laughing until the tears streamed down our faces. And the jokes continued to roll. (oh it makes me want to cry now) But that memory...we needed that.