Thursday, October 01, 2009

Change Of Plans

Just a little while ago, I posted about a contest I was going to have to name my new hair clip business. I went through some names with my husband, and then we brainstormed some more this afternoon until I finally came up with the winner.

We had some great ideas, and I had one suggestion from a fellow blogger, and twitter friend that I really liked, but I decided to go with my own name. It is one I thought up by myself too! My husband had some real good ones though ;o) I have to say thank you to him too for being so patient with me while I brainstormed and figured out what products to sell.

I'll debut the name shortly, and then I will have a contest to win a free hair clip. Keep a look out for it!

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KAR said...

Hi! I found you on the atheist mom's blog. lol

I'm over at Cracker Dreams and Trailer Park Wishes.

I'm looking for other moms to follow who aren't crazy religious that I can follow. I'm a pretty uncensored, broke mom trying to take life on pragmatic terms.

So I'm adding you to my list to follow.