Saturday, April 12, 2008

Yaay for Deals

Since I signed up with Frugal Hacker, I thought I would do my part and try to find some good deals

Thank you to Sisterly Savings for these two tips

McDonald's Coupons

I actually bought these around halloween too. The coupons are awesome! They helped me out tremendously when i would shop with the baby. French Fries are a GREAT way to keep her quiet! lol

10 Ways to Save on Gasoline

I know we'll need this for sure this summer, as we are planning on taking a few day trips around the state, since a family trip to Disneyland is out of the question.

And if you want to get some free samples, and usually have a pretty good selection. Startsampling lets you order one free sample per day. I've gotten all sorts of great stuff like magazines, food, and toiletries. And just recently I got a great sample of Vaseline hand lotion from WalMart, a perfect item for your purse.

And I made $45.00 today!!! I sold some gymboree clothes on craigslist. Score!!! The money I make on selling that stuff is mine to keep, so now I have money to save for a rainy day.

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Mama Bear said...

Yaay for $45 bucks!!! Nice! I have to stop myself from selling stuff on craigslist because I'm trying to save it all for the garage sale I'm having with my Mom when they are getting ready to move in the summer - it's hard though, because I want the money NOW!