Thursday, April 10, 2008

What is wrong with calling?

I have a complaint to make.

Well, as you readers know, we sold our house and are currently in a rental, to save some money. So now that we're in a rental, we have to deal with a property management company, and the landlord as well (Don't ask!). So we had a water leak and the plumber was called to fix it. I asked him to call me before he came, as we have a dog that needs to be kenneled before any company arrives (He is a black lab, and loves to jump on people he doesn't know). So I was getting out of the shower this morning, and the dog is in the yard barking like mad (our fence is FINALLY done, so he can be outside without my worrying about him running away). The kids came inside and told me the plumber was here. Great. I am just wrapped in a towel, haven't brushed my teeth, combed my hair etc. I had to throw on some clothes and go talk to him.

I am happy that he came, but unhappy that he didn't call me beforehand. What if the dog had gotten out when he opened the gate? What if I was in the shower? (thankfully I had gotten out and he didn't turn the water off while I was IN the shower) I dont like having to be rushed after getting out of the shower. I just think that people can be so inconsiderate and discourteous. Doesn't my plan for the day matter? they can't call to schedule an appointment?

Rant over...


Mama Bear said...

Pffft - what a dinkus. I'd be pissed too!

Danna said...

Yes, I hate that too! Or they give you a time frame that they'll be there (example: between 10am-2pm) HELLOO!!! That's a waste of my day!!!!