Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Quick Note About PayPerPost

I only have a minute to write, but MamaBear gave me an idea. I did post about PPP awhile ago, but since I have new readers, I wanted to say again that if you see me write something "weird" or "wonky", lol, that means it is usually a PayPerPost sponsored post. I get paid money to do those, so I have to write it the way they want. Yep, I might look like a weirdo, but I'm getting paid. I've made just over $130 in about 2.5 weeks or so. That money will be coming to me sporadically via paypal, once my posts have been up for a month. If you look at the bottom of a "weird" post, look for the "PPP" label. That pretty much tells you that it was a sponsored post by PPP.

If anyone else is interested in blogging for PPP, click on the box below, at the end of my post. I get a referral, and you get $20 for your first post! Twenty dollars just to write about how you like PPP and what you plan to do with your earnings.

Granted, the money isn't there to make you rich, but it can be pretty cool to have a somewhat steady cash flow. And seeing as you get paid by paypal from PPP, if you have a paypal debit card like I do, you can use it ANYWHERE! And PayPal also gives you a 1% cash back bonus every time you use your card as a credit card and sign for it (they have the mastercard logo, so it can be used as a credit card as well as long as you have the available funds in your paypal account). I just used mine the other day at the Post Office.

Anyway, I just wanted to spread the word so no one thinks I have gone off my rocker.

I thought i wouldn't be on too much today (saturday), but I was wrong. Did lots of cleaning with the kidlets though and i get the awful fun stuff like vacuuming and mopping, tomorrow (sunday). I should have done more today...oops! I am SO TIRED!


ps...thanks again to MamaBear for giving me the idea to write about this. She's given me lots of good advice!

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