Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some tidbits of Information and News

I am going to take my cue from a friend who also blogs, and let you all know about my PPP posts. I have been given the opportunity to get paid to blog, so that pretty much explains why I am writing about topics that might seem totally off the wall to you. I've meant to put labels in those posts, but I forgot...eek!! I applogize. Usually it will have a "Sponsored By PayPerPost" badge, but sometimes there is not one required in my post. It is pretty easy to differentiate between my personal posts and the PPP posts. I also wanted to add, I've been a posting fool lately, so I have had a few posts in one day, make sure you read them all!!

Also, I have to brag, I am a new Aunty!! My sister-in-law and brother-in-law had their first baby last tuesday. I am not allowed to post photos, but I have to say she is just darling!!! She makes my uterus ache! lol I do have to say, when I saw her pictures, I regreted having my tubes tied. I would love to have another baby, but I do think 4 is enough. We wouldn't be able to afford anymore, and I would certainly have to buy stock in permanent hair color to cover all my grey hair! lol I will just have to enjoy my 4 and wait till I am a grandma to get my baby fix, right? lol We won't be seeing our neice for quite some time as they live halfway across the country from us, and it's too far to visit, unfortunately.

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Mama Bear said...

I'm tagging you for a meme! Check out my blog for my meme post and the meme is '3 Random Things'.