Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Goodbye Hallmark! Hello Cards Direct!

Being a mom of four, and a wife, I don't get a lot of spare time. So when things like birthdays, or mother's day, or anniversarys pop up, I am always scrambling to get a card for someone. I like to make them, but like I just mentioned, I don't have the time!! And making a card takes a lot effort, not to mention supplies.

So I searched for and found a great website called Cards Direct that makes all sorts of cards for you. They have stock cards, Christmas cards, birthday cards, and best of all, you can customize your own cards and also make Photo Cards. I love this option, as I always like to send the latest photos of our kids with any card I send.

But...sending individual wallets with each card, for each child, takes some time, right? All that cutting and trimming, and not to forget, most people won't keep the photos, so there goes all your work down the drain. That is why you should use Cards Direct. You can customize your own photo cards for any occasion, and you can also write whatever your heart desires on and inside them. The card doesn't have to say "Happy Birthday", or "Merry Christmas". It can if you want, but you can also say "Happy Grandparents Day", or even "Happy 4th of July". Cards Direct will suggest the text for you, but you are free to pick whatever you want. You can upload any photo you have on your computer, and they will print it directly onto the card for you.

A lot of parents nowadays are sending thank you cards for their children's birthday parties. I always find it hard to remember who gave what at a birthday party, so an idea I had was to take a photo of my child holding each gift. Then when you visit the site to order your thank you cards, you can upload each photo, and send each thank you card with a different photo for each person. So if little Joey gave Bobby a transformer, you could take a picture of Bobby holding, or playing with his Transformer, and send the thank you card with that photo to Joey! What a great way to thank someone! Or if you are a first time homeowner, why not take a photo of your new home and send it on a card with your new address and an invitation to your open house?

Cards Direct is affordable too! Right now they offer $5 shipping, free personalization up to four lines and custom verse. This adds up to $65 worth of free services! You can get 100 custom photo cards for $1.36 each plus only $5 shipping.

Here is an example of one of the many holiday photo cards they offer. I picked this one because I love the polka dots, and I think it is a great alternative to the typical Christmas tree.

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