Friday, April 18, 2008

I "Dislike" Ignorance

I just want to bang two people's heads together right now. They are the people buying our house. They are two of the most stupid stupid STUPID people I have ever met. STUPID.

At our closing yesterday...the recording should be done today or monday, the title company told me it was ok to call and disconnect the water and electric for monday. So I did that and then informed my agent I had done so, and that they had to call the companies FIRST THING TOMORROW (meaning friday, today) or else the utilities would be shut off on monday. Well, I called the electric company...and they did switch the service. I called the water company...they had not yet heard from the new buyers. So I call my agent back...

Apparently the new buyers didn't know the name of the water company. Not a big deal you say, right? Well, let me tell you this. These people live in the same town as us. They have the same water company as us, all of our county has the SAME public water company. They also didn't think to look in the phone book for the PUD's number apparently.

How can two people be so dense and stupid not to know that? Are they kidding me? They really didn't know? OMG they are dumb. So I told my agent that if they didn't call like NOW the water was going to be disconnected monday morning.

I just can not believe the stupidity of these people. They even wanted the keys to the house BEFORE we had signed and the house had been put in their name. seriously.

Here is a picture of them and their kids

On the plus side, they were able to put down a pretty sizeable downpayment because they saved money when they bought their yacht


Mama Bear said...


*pees a little*

KrustyTheCat said...

Ahh yes, I had to laugh too re-reading my post. The story really is true though...didn't make up that one bit.