Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Spring Break Started With A Bang...And A Very Sore Throat

Yep, you guessed it...i woke up this morning and I can barely swallow. Halls, Tylenol, ice cream, diet pepsi, ice cold water...nothing helps. NOTHING!!!! I hate feeling like this, I'm miserable. Ugh!

We haven't gotten to do much of anything for spring break yet because it has been raining. But hey, what else can I expect from the rainy northwest, right? Yesterday we were treated to a trip to our Real Estate agent's office, and a run to the bank and to the grocery store. Today we had an even better day, as I got to take all four kids to the dentist and walmart for cat food, baby wipes and vinegar, which I didn't know I was out of yesterday, or I would have bought them. Let's hope tomorrow is better. We're going to the mall first thing because it is time to spend my Gymbucks. For those of you gymbo fanatics, I need not explain. For the rest of you...I spent $150 and got $75 in coupons in february. Tomorrow I get to purchase $150 worth of Gymboree clothes for the kids for only $75. And it doesn't cost me a thing, because I received a gift card from LOWES for free delivery from my washer and dryer that I bought last month, and covers the total amount!! Score!!!

The kids and I were so excited today because "The Water Horse" came out on DVD today. We have a netflix account, so it was going to arrive today because netflix shipped it yesterday. It didn't come today. I dont know why, but i think I have a super cranky mail carrier.

So my dear readers, and I think I only have a couple ;o), I must go now as I have to change a poopy diaper and get dinner out of the crockpot. Tonight we are eating my famous meal, tator tot casserole! Tonight I decided to change it up a bit and add an extra can of cream of chicken soup. I think I like it better like this, it's a lot creamier.

Don't I lead a glamorous life?

And just a quick edit to add: It turns out our mail carrier is not only cranky, but also VERY slow. I had the boy check the mail at 5:45 and it was finally there. I am used to getting my mail at 11am or sooner, so I don't particularly care to receive it so late in the day. So, after dinner and the dishes are done, the kids and I can sit down and watch the movie.


Danna said...

I hope you feel better soon and I hope that you will get to enjoy the rest of Spring break. (Enjoy the shopping!)

Mama Bear said...

Your mail didn't come till 5:45 PEE-EMM???????

I'd so complain. That's ridiculous.

I still have to try making that tater tot casserole thing - it sounds good.

Sucks about being sick though - hope you feel better soon...at least it's an excuse to eat ice cream!!! :)

SimpleMommy said...

My mail *never* comes till after 4 pm. :) I'm used to it now....after 10 years. LOL!

I call my only son "the boy" too. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

KrustyTheCat said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!! I am actually excited to have someone new write and read!!! Yaaay!!!!