Friday, April 11, 2008

Weigh Too Cool

If you are anything like me, you are always needing to weigh either yourself, or something in the kitchen, or even a package for eBay. I like to sell a lot on eBay, but it is so hard to calculate accurate postage without a good scale. Thankfully, Scales Etc sells an awesome new line of Escali Scales, which come in a variety of different colors ranging from black, to denim blue, to red! You can pretty much find any color to match the decor in your house. Besides looking fashionable and modern, the different Escali shipping Scales can handle weights up to 200lbs!!! And if you need a scale while on-the-go, the Pocket Scale is a great way to go, and a bargain at $20.49. It can easily fit into your purse, as it is the size of a small cell phone!

The Escali Scale line also provides a kitchen scale. Ever been making bread and need to measure out yeast, but didn't have the right scale to do so? Well, with the Escali Avia Digital Kitchen Scale, you can! It can weigh in incrememnts as low as one gram, and also converts decimals into fractions, eliminating your need for a calculator. The Escali Avia Digital Kitchen Scale prices at a low $34.95, a great deal for looks, as well as functionality.

And if you're one of those people who likes to weigh themselves every day like me, then the bathroom scale is a great addition to your home. You can keep track of your body fat percentage, water percentage and actual weight on one scale. It's so modern, you will probably want to show it off to all your guests! The best thing about it, is that it comes with batteries! No running off to the store before you can use it. The Escali Bathroom Scale is a nicer scale than you will find anywhere, especially at a great price of $44.95. I know that I paid $50 for an analog scale at a local store, and it is nowhere near as nice as the Escali Bathroom Scale.

I'm going to purchase one of these ASAP.

And remember, where there's an Escali, there's a weigh!


Mama Bear said...

Is this a PPP post or are you just super excited about scales??

KrustyTheCat said...

I'll let you guess. lol. Yes, it's a PPP post, but one that did not require the "sponsored by" badge.