Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Freebie Update

Well, just a quick post before I get my daughter from school. I ventured over to target today and got the colgate toothpaste, but unofortunately I could not find another coupon or sale, so I did not get the toothpaste for free. However, it was on sale for $2.79 and I had a $1.50 off coupon, so I got it for $1.29. Not too bad I guess.

I also took the scotch brite coupon with me, but Target did not have it for $4.99 or less. Bummer. But since I didnt want to waste gas going to wal mart, which was another 15 minute drive, I figured I would get it there anyway. They had it for $6.49, and I had $4.99 off, so I only paid $1.50 for an almost $7 product. That I was a bit happier about than the toothpaste.

I got an email from Avon this morning saying "welcome" so I will be setting up my personal site soon and will add the link on the sidebar for anyone who wants to order from me...hint hint. lol

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