Friday, April 04, 2008

Housing Inspection

I found out today that our house was inspected by the buyers. Their inspector is an idiot. When we left, the last day my husband turned off the breakers for the hot water heater and the stove because we didn't want to pay for electricity while we were not living there. So the inspection was done and the inspector said our hot water heater was broken...he didn't even check the fuse box. What a dumbass. I am just baffled.
But the good news is that the closing should finally be done in a couple weeks. I need to go sign off on some papers on monday, but everything seems to be going full steam ahead.

And another plus...I've lost 8lbs!!! I'm pretty happy about it because I have a long road ahead of me with the weight loss issue. I have to admit, I have let myself go and it went too far. Now I am on the road to a lower weight and a healthier body. I should be getting a gym membership in a few weeks hopefully!!

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