Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ring Ring Ring, Banana Phone

Phone Cards Avenue is a is a great site to visit for all your long distance and international phone card needs.

I have lived in three different countries during my life; Canada, Germany and the United States. So you can imagine that we do a lot of international calling, and if you use a regular telephone or cell phone company, you are going to pay astronomical fees. When my hubby and I were engaged, we racked up $2000 dollars in basic long distance charges from Canada to Germany. I wish we had had phone cards back then; we could have saved ourselves a fortune! If we had purchased calling cards through Phone Cards Avenue, we would have saved over 80% compared to other companies like AT&T and Sprint.

Phone Cards Avenue offers phone cards to every country imaginable. Whether you are calling Tanzania, the Vatican, or even Poland, you can get a good rate.

Another great bonus for shopping with this company is that they offer you 3% cash back on your purchases! The cash back program with them is totally free, and they offer it to everyone that opens an account on their site. Once your cash back totals $20, they send you a check in the mail.

But you're probably wondering why you can't just go down to your local store and buy a calling card there, right? Here's why you should shop with Phone Cards Avenue; their site is secure, so you can be rest assured your order is safe. You can manage your account online, and they have the lowest rates around! You can call the UK for $o.4 cents a minute, and Indonesia for $1.5 cents a minute!

At Phone Cards Avenue, if you are having some trouble placing your order, or having a problem with your phone card, you can chat live with live support. How handy is that? You don't have to call in and wait forever on hold; you can just chat right away.

Check out their site, and save yourself some money!

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