Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

Thank you to Shannon for hosting Works For Me Wednesday over at her blog Rocks In My Dryer

Sometimes I struggle trying to find something to write about, but I love having people come visit my blog, so I always find something so that I can participate in WFMW.

For years I have been disorganized, which is pretty strange because I was very organized when I was younger. Messy, yes, but still organized. My organizational skills have slowly been depleting over the years, until I finally went out and purchased a nice large dry erase board for myself.

I love it!

It is quite large, and has a calendar on it where I can write in the dates, and stuff needed to be done that day. And on the side, it has some blank writing areas and a "to do" section. Every time I have an appointment, or I need to get something done, etc etc, I write it down on there. And then when I am finished, I just erase it. Since it is right in the kitchen and beside the phone, I see it all the time too, so I am constantly reminded of what needs to be done.

Traditional calendars may be pretty to look at, but they don't work for me at all. I like that the dry erase board is re-usable too, and that I can use any color maker I want depending on my mood. Right now I use green!

My companion to the dry erase board is a little brown notebook that my middle daughter got me for my birthday. If I am going somewhere one day, all my lists go in there, appointment times etc. It is always in my purse, I don't think I could do without it now, it is so handy!


The Happy Housewife said...

I love dry erase boards. I use to have one that hung on my fridge for many years. We would put grocery items and other things on the board. Then one day it stopped sticking to the fridge! I guess I need to get another one!

Candles said...

Dry erase boards are cool.

They also make paint that can turn any wall into a dry erase board. It's a bit pricey, but pretty neat if you use them a lot.

Halloween Candles

TX Poppet said...

Best thing about MY dry erase calendar? I still forget everything, but now the kids see my notes and They remember to remind me.

Kari said...

I love my dry erase board too!

Sandy Toes said...

Who invented the dry erase board? They deserve an award...I have so many dry erase boards..they are wonderful!
-Sandy Toes

Tara said...

Dry Erase Boards are great! Specially as many mistakes as I make trying to write in the day on a regular calendar lol

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Cyber Job said...

I have so many dry erase boards..I like to collect different types of them! I also like to make my very own Scented soy candles. they are very easy to make and gives you great relaxation