Thursday, September 04, 2008

Conversation With My Daughter

I had this conversation with my youngest this morning while I was helping her go potty. I dont like to post the kids names, so I will use something generic

Me: "Lucy, Do you wear diapers or panties ?"

Lucy: "diapers"

Me: "only babies wear diapers, are you a big girl or a baby?"

Lucy "I'm not a baby anymore, i wear panties. Babies wear diapers."

me, laughing

Lucy: "can I flush the potty?"

LOL I guess you had to be there, but she just cracks me up. Her vocabularly is so high for someone her age. I love her so much, she's my little sidekick!

And now she is stealing salt and vinegar pringles, so I'd better go stop her!

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