Friday, September 05, 2008

I Am Such A Bum Today!

Here I sit, 10AM in my pajamas. The house is messy. I have errands to run, but obviously I have not gotten out of the house yet. My 2.5 year old is dressed and watching TV, and I have not done one thing today.

This is a lesson learned...I need to shower at night. If I did so, I would feel more motivated. I guess since I went to the gym yesterday and showered in the morning, I thought I could shower this morning. It isn't doing me a lick of good is it?

Another thing that has been on my mind today has been my diet. It's not going so well. I'm trying, and working out, but not to my full potential I guess. I'm really struggling, and I have a deadline too. My cousin's wedding is on Oct 3d and I am not anywhere near ready. I still have to buy a dress and all that awful shapewear to go with it. I feel panicky and anxious when I think about it, because who wants to be a fat girl and go dress shopping?


I really need to go shower now. I have to go to the Tea Shop, Children's Place to exchange a shirt for the boy, Target for a new toothbrush for the baby b/c she decided to give hers a toilet bath. Time to get off my ass!

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Mama Bear said...

I get like that sometimes too...if I wait too long to have a shower in the AM, it's noon and I feel gross but am too lazy to have a shower. That's why I love Mon/Wed/Fri's because I'm up early, do the gym and get home to shower before Papa Bear goes to work (well, that's what I aim for anyway).

Don't panic about the weight loss/wedding/dress finding - you can only lose so much weight before then, so worry more about finding clothes and undergarments that make you feel pretty!