Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm So Sad

As many of you know, my hubby and I have a wedding to go to in two weeks. Well, since the brakes went out and we have to pay for that now, he doesn't want to go anymore. It isn't just the brakes though, it is also the fact that he has to take two weeks off for the wedding because our daughter's birthday is the week after the wedding. So two weeks of income lost for us is a lot of money! He is a long haul truck driver, so he can't go back to work for two days in between the wedding and the birthday, and then the party.

I need to make a decision now. Do I stay home and not go at all? or do I go without him? He said I can go without him, but I was really looking forward to him coming with myself and the kids. We can afford for me to go with the kids, and if he stays working, then we will have that extra week of income which will really help us out.

At the risk of sounding pathetic, I have been crying about this this morning because I was really really excited about going on a date with my hubby. We haven't had a "fancy" date in 4.5 years, where we really got to dress up and go dancing and have a couple drinks. It breaks my heart that we have to make this decision. I don't want to go to a wedding by myself, but I hate to miss out on it.

What do you guys think? I need some advice.

edited Saturday @ 7:20 to add:

We have decided to wait until next Friday to make our decision. We'll see what his pay is like first, and then decide what to do. I forgot about an contacts. ugh! Why does stuff like this always come up when you don't want it to? I can't not order my contacts, I do need to see, right? lol And in all reality, this wedding is so expensive for us to go to! It is a $500 weekend (gas, a few meals, kennel the dog, my dress and "spanx", wedding gift, etc) just to go to a wedding, and I have to drive 4 hours, not including a lunch break and potty breaks for 4 young kids. We're the only ones in my family who have to travel so far. At least we can stay at my Mom's house. I love my cousin, but I just don't know. I guess we'll wait and see what happens on Friday. I can think of tons of things that $500 could be better spent on...So we'll see.


Miss Mommy said...

If it was me I would sit the wedding long as it is not someone's wedding you just cannot miss, of course!!

I can totally understand the "get dressed up, and date-like feeling" that going to a wedding is all about with the love of your life. I would hate for you to go without hubby and feel like your missing him! That would not be much fun for you...

Just look on the positive side....It's great that hubby will be their for your daughters birthday!!! Enjoy that day together as a family :=)

KrustyTheCat said...

well, it is a cousin's wedding, not like it is my sister. lol I would miss spending time with him more than I would miss going to the wedding...the date is what I was looking forward to. Who wouldn't look forward to dinner and dancing and a few drinks with their spouse, sans kids, right? We're going to see what the pay is like on friday and then make our decision and see if it will be ok for me to go still. Thanks for your advice!