Friday, September 12, 2008

When It Rains It Pours

It always happens right?

Tonight when I dropped my son off at his Karate Promotion, I was told that it would take 1.5 hours. Hmmm...more like 2.5. You try telling a 2.5 year old she can't use the bathroom in there, so we have to sit it out in the van and just entertain ourselves because otherwise the girls will be too "distracting". Finally at 8:30 they were done, and we were on our merry way home.

But wait...the brakes are being noisy, and groaning when I use them, so guess what? Off to Midas I go in the morning! Lovely. Except, tomorrow is my yard sale, right? so how am I supposed to set everything up and get to Midas? I will have to do it all when I get back, which means I miss out on a LOT of potential sales if things take too long at Midas. great!

So I sit here at 11:30 while I bake cookies for my daughter's lemonade stand, and I realized I burnt some by accident. Thankfully I have Rice Krispie squares and brownies that I made earlier today.

Preparing for this trip to Canada is stressful! It is costing us a fortune to go up there. We have $150 for the pets to be kenneled, because we have no one to watch them. A tank or two of gas. Money for a wedding gift. The cats need their shots and I have to buy an extra carrier so they can get to the kennel. And we need to cover two there and one back. That adds up to over $500 just for a weekend. That is a lot of money for a family of 6 on one income. Of course, the extra meal might not happen if we get home in time for lunch on the way back (we're aiming for that because otherwise we have to pay more for the kennels anyway). And I don't think we will need two tanks of gas-most likely 1.5 if that, but we need to budget just in case. So that could possibly bring us down about $60, which helps, but not a ton.

Can it get any worse?

I wish we could catch a break.

Please wish me luck for the yard sale, I really really need to make some money for the trip. Especially now with the brakes acting funny, that might really cut into our trip $$.

I ate a brownie today. *sigh*

If anyone feels generous enough to donate to our plight, please let me know and I will gladly give you my PayPal email.

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