Friday, September 12, 2008

For Those Times When Everything Irritates You...

Just have a bitch session!

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I dunno, maybe AF is coming to visit, maybe I'm just tempermental, but little things have been ticking me off all day, and the last couple days too.

* why would the YMCA people tell me Karate started this week, when in fact only the new classes did, and Karate actually went through the schedule break? thanks for letting my son miss two weeks of classes.

* why does my son have to attend a karate test tomorrow night, downtown, impossible to find parking and I can't take the other kids?

* why do I always have bad luck with landlords? why does my landlord feel the need to be a complete bitch to me because I call and tell her when something needs to be fixed? why does my landlord take three+ weeks to fix an air conditioner?

* why did I sign up to have a yard sale with my neighbours this weekend when I am NOT in the mood to do it and worried that people won't want to pay for my Gymboree clothes?

* why on earth did I promise the kids they could have a lemonade stand and cookies? now I have to make cookies tomorrow too, as well as go to a WIC appointment, pick up dixie cups, and go to the bank for extra change for said yard sale

* why does one of my neighbours tell the other neighbours she could hear me yelling at someone earlier today? who was I yelling at...the kids? yeah, we were in a hurry for Karate, or was she talking about me talking to the landlord? I wasn't yelling, I was using a firm voice and I was in my bedroom. I don't get it. Maybe if she wasn't such a cow, she wouldn't have such a pinched look on her face.

* why does my mother feel the need to ask me how my diet and exercise is going?

* and why is it so hard for me to lose weight when my hubby is losing like crazy? I haven't lost a pound and I'm dieting and exercising too. DAMMIT!!! sigh.

Please ignore my bitch fest. I could have shared more, but I don't want to be a downer. lol

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Mama Bear said...

Rant away!!! Let it out!!!

PS - Men ALWAYS lose weight faster than women. Don't get too down about it!