Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I Can See!!!

After not having much success with the Acuvue Oasis lenses (awful awful), my eye Dr. gave me some new ones to try yesterday. They are the Air Optix, which are a completely new type of lenses. They're very very comfortable, and I can't even feel them in half the time. With Acuvue, I could always feel them on my eyes and could not combat the dryness. I still have a bit of dryness with these new ones, but since this is only my 2nd day of wearing the new ones, I know it will get a bit better.

It takes forever to find the right type of lenses though, I am on my 3d pair of trial lenses, with a 4th being ordered "just in case". I love having contacts though, it is so nice to be free of glasses! Especially after having worn them for 16 years now.

In other news, life here has been crazy! I skipped the gym this morning just so I could stay home before my eye appointment this morning. I did work out at home though, so that makes up for it. I am amazed how much time I do NOT have. I was all set for friday, I had no plans whatsoever. Then I realized we have a WIC appointment friday morning, and my son has his Karate test that night. Plus we're having a yard sale with my neighbours saturday and sunday. *sigh* And in the next couple weeks I have to get ready for our trip to BC too. *sigh again*.

I hope things calm down soon!

On the PPP front, there has been nothing! I check every day for posts and I haven't had one OPP in weeks. I dont have the time to be on it like I was before, but I still check as often as I can and it is slim pickin's. Hopefully it will pick up soon.

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