Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I'm A Purse Girl

I admit, I am a handbag, purse, tote, whatever you call it, addict. I LOVE purses. I change them frequently, and have about 10 in my stash. I bought this today at JC Penney, as a treat to myself.

However, mine isn't gold, it is a darker mauve color. JCP doesn't have any more of that color online. I'm in love with it! While looking for a picture of it, I also found this one by the same designer. I love this one almost as much, I think I will buy that one next.

I have always carried a purse, but just in the last few years really got into it. Perhaps it was because I was tired of lugging around a diaper bag? I still took a purse even when I had a diaper bag with me though. My mom and sister are the same way, we all love purses. I have red, black, green, purple, brown, blue and pink. And those are just purses, I have a few tote bags too that I use if we go on an over nighter, and those are a lot plainer and just cheaper ones (like freebies I have gotten at bath and body works as promotions etc). I am even thinking of asking my hubby to buy me a purse for Xmas...but knowing how he loves to shop, I would end up with a burlap sack! LOL

I thought it might be interesting to read up on the History of Handbags, so I found this article . Did you know that the first documented hand bags were used by MEN, in 14th Century Egypt, none-the-less. Hmmm...maybe now it is time to re-introduce the "man bag" to my husband, what do you think?

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