Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weigh Not, Want Not

Almost every home has a scale in their bathroom right? I know that I do, and despite the fact that I know I shouldn't do so, I still weigh myself almost every morning. It is a bad habit of mine.

If you need bathroom scales for your home, check out ScalesEtc as they have a wide variety of digital bathroom scales.

They come in many different colors, from black to pink to green, or you can splurge and treat yourself to a nice glass one. Or how about a digital one that talks to you? No, it doesn't say "get off the scale, fatty!", but it does tell you your body weight and fat percentage, and holds up to 440lbs. You can also store settings for up to 10 people with this scale, so it is perfect for the whole family. A bargain at $53.55

ScalesEtc has scales that are an "enhancement" to the rooms they are placed in. They're stylish, affordable, and come in many different shapes and sizes. Check out the site, I am sure you will find a digital bathroom scale that you love!

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