Monday, September 22, 2008

Exercise and Zucchini Cake Update

I wanted to update on the zucchini cake!

First tip I have is to use very very finely diced zucchini. You can't taste the zucchini in the cake, but if your kids are opposed to such veggies, then it helps to dice it in really small chunks (my kids have devoured their pieces, and even ate raw Zucchini, so they weren't bothered by it). Also, do not peel the Zucchini, just slice it and cut out the "pith" aka the middle of it. You'll get a lot of nutrients out of the peel too. Don't use grated, the cake will be too moist. Also, once it cools, it is helpful to leave it overnight in the pan, covered with cling/saran wrap. I wasn't sure of it yesterday because the top looked a little dry, but this morning, the cake looked and tasted fabulous! The cling wrap helps seal in the moisture that just adds that extra yumminess!

Also, I completed a 45 minute SPINNING class! That is one intense workout, and I feel awesome! But my butt hurts from the bike seat, lol, so I will need to get used to that. I plan to go back on Thursday. You aren't supposed to "spin" day after day, so they suggest two classes a week. That's why I will do Tuesday/Thursday. It will get better though, right? I'm not sore, just tired. Very, Very tired.

In other news, I am down 13lbs since mid august! No sizing down on the jeans yet, but that will be coming soon. Hooray!

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