Sunday, June 01, 2008

Writers Block

I am sorry I haven't written since friday! Frankly, I've had a writers block. Really, I haven't had a clue as to what I should write. So I thought I would share some facts about me. Some of you may know them already, and some might not.

1) My hubby and I met on the internet and have been married almost 9 years

2) I LOVE sour soothers candy. Every time my sis comes down from Canada, I have her bring me a huge bag

3) I am a purse fanatic. I love to buy new ones all the time.

6) I have only lived by myself for a whole 4 months in my life.

7) My feet grew with my last two pregnancies. I now wear a women's size 11. ACK!!! But I am also 5'9" tall, so I don't have clown feet. lol.

8) My 7 year old son wears a men's size 5.5/6 shoe. He is only 3 sizes smaller than me (i wear a men's 9), and about 55" tall or so.

9) I spend entirely too much time online when I should be folding laundry

10) Cooking is not my forte, though I do it because I have to. But I LOVE to bake.

11) I love to read. Too many books to list, but I am an avid book reader.

12) I also dislike gardening. Plants in pots are about all I can handle.

13) I am counting down the days till the next Futurama movie, The Beast With A Billion Backs, comes out. My hubby is buying it for me for my birthday if I don't get it beforehand. I probably will though. The kids and I are crazy about Futurama.

14) I don't "love" the summer. I LOVE the fall. The cool crisp air, the leaves falling.

15) Christmas is my favorite "season". LOVE it. After that comes Halloween. I usually start to buy christmas gifts in september. I've already started to stockpile gift ideas for my kids.

16) I am shamelessly addicted to buying Gymboree clothes for my youngest daughter. Sometimes for the older kids, but I don't like how they fit them as well, so I buy for them mostly from The Children's Place. I just make sure my kids look presentable at all times.

17) A pet peeve of mine is when I see parents out with kids who look dirty and un-kempt. How much work is it to brush their hair and wipe their faces, and make sure they have on clean clothes?

18) Another pet peeve is seeing kid with pacifiers who are older than a year.

19) I have to have Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi in the house.

20) I have no regrets that I didn't finish college/university. I enjoy being a stay at home mom and I am forever thankful to my hubby for working hard enough so that I can stay home and not worry about having to find a job.

21) I love the smell of the pacific ocean. I have lived within an hour of it (sometimes less than 5 minutes) all my life except for a year in Germany and half a year in Alberta.

What are some interesting things about you? any pet peeves you have? things you can't live without?

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Mama Bear said...


You don't have sour soothers candy in the US????

I knew feet grew with pregnancy. Papa Bear says it isn't possible. HA!

Baking is not my forte...we should trade off. I'll cook a few meals for you if you supply me with a few baked things. Haha.

I love to read too. Ahh books.

Christmas ROCKS. I love buying and giving gifts. And the season in general is so beautiful and fun - the music, the smells, the decorations, the spirit!

I am SO WITH YOU on the Diet Caffeine Free Pepsi!!!!! Me too!!!!!