Saturday, June 07, 2008

My Day Today

Today I had the opportunity to participate in a "Family Fest" at a local school, during which I had an Avon table in the vendors area. I landed up making $82 today, not too bad. Plus I had 4 orders totally about $100. Yaay!!! I treated myself to gourmet garlic and cheese fries...YUMMY! And bought myself a necklace, so I landed up with $62.00 total.

Yesterday I actually opened up my own personal checking account so I can keep track of my Avon expenditures and earnings without choking up our joint checking account. I am quite pleased with my progress today, I think I did really well. Even though I did not make a fortune, I reached a lot of potential customers and I am sure that will generate more sales. Yaay for me!!

Today was a nice, kid-free day for me. I was able to farm off all the kids to various friends of mine and theirs, and got 8.5 hours by myself! The three older kids were not happy to see mommy, they wanted to stay at their friends longer. lol. But my baby was happy to see me at least, and informed me that she saw "sheeps" (my friend who watched her has 6 sheep), and that she liked playing with her daughter. While I am writing this, and my pizza is cooking for dinner, she just said to my eldest "I tell mommy!". Apparently the 7.5 year old and the 2 year old are bickering. lol

I am going to have a nice relaxing evening and try to fold some laundry, which I am terribly behind on.


Mama Bear said...

Hey congrats on the Avon day!! Sounds pretty profitable.

I'm tagging you for a Cooking Meme!!

KrustyTheCat said...

I need to correct myself. I had 100 in orders ON TOP of what I actually sold at the fest.