Friday, June 13, 2008

What A Crazy Day

Yesterday was such a crazy day!

I started off going to the gym for an hour, then had to come home and shower and then get my middle daughter from the bus stop. We ate a quick lunch, and then headed to the park for a playdates with some friends and their kids for a couple hours. Then was a quick stop to Rite-Aid for some birthday and father's day cards. After that, we had to be home for the twins by 3:45, and get my son ready for Karate. The girls also all took a shower b/c I knew we'd be home late. My middle daughter had an end of the year Kindergarten program at 7pm, so she had to get ready for that. While my son was at karate, I did all the girls hair for the program. I also put them all in matching dresses, lol. They looked so cute! My son had to take a change of clothes, and change at McDonalds before we ate, because I didnt want him at the program in his Gii. So off to the school we went after Karate and eating at McDisgusting, and the program was awesome!!! All the kids were so cute, and I loved the songs they sang. And we got home at 8pm. Then had to deal with a cranky 7 year old girl. very cranky. But at least they were all in bed by 9, which is still too late, but we all needed to wind down.

At least today is less crazy. I have a "Popsicles With Pop" event with my daughter, since Sunday is Father's Day and my hubby can't be home. They have popsicles with dad and sing a few songs, and I didn't want her to be the only kid there without a dad, so mommy will go. lol My son had a karate test scheduled for tonight, but I decided he wasn't ready and thought he could test again in a few months once he has practiced some more.

Tomorrow I am planning to have the computer off all day so I can just get caught up on stuff around the house, so if you see a post from me on here, give me a smack!


Karis said...

Hey stranger!! How are things going??

Stefanie said...

I'm not so sure I could handle that much activity! I need to do the same thing you do, though, and shut off the computer to get some housework done... Every time I get away from working on my site, I think of some other excuse to not do the house stuff... I really should just get rich and hire a maid.

KrustyTheCat said...

Ahh yes, wouldn't that be lovely? i would if I could, but I have 3 kids that can do housework, why spend the money on a maid? LOL