Saturday, June 28, 2008

Potty Training Round 2

I posted in May I think, about how I was attempting to PT our youngest. She turned 2 on March 7th. Though PTing went "OK" last time, she had a relapse and I decided to go back to diapers for a couple months.

So yesterday I decided to try again. I will admit, I did NOT want to do it, but my hubby insisted. And truth be told, we did argue about it. Potty training is one of the most challenging tasks for me as a mom, I strongly dislike it.

Yesterday she did not have one accident, and went pee on her "big girl potty" four times, and even stayed dry while we were out and ran errands. I put her to bed in thick training pants and a "plastic pants" (a vinyl cover) just because I wanted to go cold turkey on diapers. She was wet when I woke her up at midnight, but I changed her back into dry panties and she went pee for me. But then this morning, she was wet again. *sigh* We really did go cold turkey on diapers, she hasn't worn one in two days now, well, she woke up in one yesterday.

Today she refused to go pee, and peed during her nap. I was pretty downtrodden actually, because PTing has gone so much easier with our other kids. During her afternoon nap, she did #2 in her panties. I was thinking, what the heck...why so good yesterday, and not today? I changed her again.

Then just while I was making dinner...

"mommy, I go pee in my potty". She TOLD me she had to go pee!!! And she went too!!! Hooray!!! This is fantastic!

I am a little nervous about this all because I am going back to the gym on monday morning, and they like the kids to be in pull ups, and I refuse to do that. All they are, are glorified diapers. And we have a busy week ahead of us, so hopefully she will adapt ok. I plan on taking her potty seat with us everywhere we go.

Wish us luck!


Rina the Mama Bear said...

Wishing you much luck!!

malditang bunso said...

Congratulations!!! Hehehe. Big accomplishment