Sunday, June 15, 2008

Savory Beef Roast with Tatoes and Carrots

Mmmm...I made this for dinner today. Delicious! It is easy, and a favorite. One of my favorite things to make, especially since the left-overs are better the second day!

Start off with a standard 3-4 pound beef roast and don't be picky about the cut, because it will get tender while cooking. Make sure you have a large roasting pan for this too.

In a separate bowl, combine one package of beef stew seasoning and some water to make a slightly runny paste, and pour/spread over the roast. Cook at 350 for about an hour or so.

About 15 minutes before the hour is up, start prepping your veggies. I don't measure with this, I just use as much as I want and make sure the roasting pan does not overflow. Peel your taters and quarter them, placing in a large bowl. Also add as many carrots as you like (I cheat and use baby carrots, lol) as well. Next comes the onion. Chop up a large onion, and mix it in with the potatoes and carrots.

Place your veggie mix around the roast in the pan at the one hour mark. Make sure there is an even assortment of veggies, and not all the carrots or onions are stuck to the bottom. Right now I like to add a few dashes of salt, and some freshly ground pepper. Cover again, and cook till the roast is done. I find it usually takes between two and three hours total.

I know this recipe is not exact, but that is because I don't measure or worry about time. I like my potatoes well done, and the carrots a little crunchy, but not soggy and flavor-less.

Usually the day after we have enough left-overs to make a good beef stew. If I make that tomorrow, I'll post the recipe for that too. Though now-a-days, my kids have been eating more, especially the boy (this kid is almost 7.5 and eats more than me sometimes!), and we have not always had enough left over for stew. If that happens, we usually make roast beef sandwiches. Nothing tastes better than cold roast beef and ketchup!


Sorry, I forgot to get a picture of the finished product, but it was fantastic!!!

if you haven't noticed, I am trying a new angle. Since I need to cook more, I figured I may as well add it to my blog. Also, it gives me something to write about!


Rina the Mama Bear said...

That looks AWESOME. I love a good roast - pass the horseradish!!!

I'm psyched to see you putting recipes up - gives me new ideas for dinners, too!!!

Miss Mommy said...

You can never have enough Recipes...I think it is a great idea!!