Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Actually, Meme! lol

Mama Bear, over at I've Gotta Little Space To Fill has tagged me for a meme.

The rules are simple:

1. Take a photo of your desk or work space.
2. Do not clean up said area before taking photo.
3. Describe what is in your work space.
4. Tag 3 other bloggers to participate by commenting on their blog with an invite!

Be prepared to shield your eyes! It is awful. She wants me to share my desk space.

*insert ominous music here*

Seriously, it is that bad. I've been very very messy lately.

Are you ready?

There are so many things on there!

On the top you can see some Pepsi bottle caps with points, Gymboree Receipts with Gymbucks, a lighter from the last time I bar-b-qued, extra gum, a toothbrush and a few other odds and ends. Also showing is my nice, fantastic monitor and to the left of it, my 3 in 1 printer/scanner/copier (with Internet coupons on it).

On the bottom, starting from the right we see. A glass of water, sticky notes, a comb, pink recipe box with paper in it, a can of compressed air, electrical tape that I will be using tomorrow. Then we have some packing tape, two different pairs of Gymboree hair curlies, Avon hand lotion, my cell phone, my Avon notebook, my digital camera, my camera bag. Then comes my detangling comb (keep it there because otherwise we'll lose it), Duracell batteries, a bag of skittles, Bath and Body Works foot cream, a Stanley measuring tape, desitin diaper cream, some Avon books, a pencil sharpener, empty disks. Behind all that mess is a "to file" messy bin, and to the right of that is my bills, which are organized, and currently, all paid. Obviously there are a few odds and ends that I can't see, or else I can't be bothered to post every single piece of paper.

In the keyboard area, I have the obvious mouse and keyboard. Beside is another Avon book and some receipts I need to file. The tower is to the left of the desk.

So now that you have seen my disgusting mess, don't be ashamed of me. LOL

I have to take 3 other bloggers, but I don't have time to do that right now, so...I shall opt out this time. Sorry Mama Bear! The blogs I read though, a lot of them aren't into this sort of thing.