Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

To be completely honest, I have had a tough time thinking up something of this weeks edition of Works For Me Wednesday.

I did think of something though, a couple things.

1. Buying school supplies. Yes, everyone does it. But I actually stock up for the whole year. When crayola crayons are only 10-20 cents a box, I spend about 10.00 and get as many as I can. The kids need them for school obviously, but my kids go through so so many crayons that I need to buy this many. In fact, we're running out and I don't have enough to last the summer, so I will have to get more before school starts.

2. Shopping for Xmas gifts early. I usually start shopping around september, sometimes earlier, depending on the deals I can find. Though I think this year I will probably wait for black friday since I can shop online. I already have a couple gifts lined up though, and definitely have ideas in my head. Plus, our son is so easy to buy for, he only wants Legos and books. lol

Thanks for reading!!